Marsha has this amazing ability to make you feel comfortable and safe.   During my time with her, I was able to move past my insecurities to a place of clarity of purpose.  

Sarahi A

Poet & Performer

In the United States, women make up 50.8 percent of the population but hold only 14.6 percent of the executive positions that exist, according to the Center for American Progress.  These numbers are even more disappointing for women of color.

I’m Marsha Philitas, your leadership strategist.

I help ambitious women like you claim leadership positions in the nonprofit, academic and private sectors in order to combat the gender and racial inequities that exists in the professional sphere.

 My Credentials

I graduated from Harvard in 2004.

I became a certified life coach in 2012 and have trained extensively in yogic philosophy and positive living at the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health.

I’ve directed non-profit programs, managed $300,000 budgets and led a staff of 30.

But most importantly, I’ve been where you are.  On paper it looked like I had my stuff together but I constantly felt like I was not qualified for leadership.   Despite my Harvard degree and years of experience in my field, I let leadership positions pass me by because I lacked the confidence to claim that space.  I watched colleagues who were less prepared move forward professionally while each day I wrote and re-wrote my to-do lists and checked things off hoping for a sense of clarity and success.  I sent furious text messages to my mentors hoping they would tell me what to do.

The anxiety and stagnation lifted when I learned to claim my own power.

I became clear that I wanted to be a leader and gave myself permission to push past racism and sexism in order to chase after it.   Now it’s your turn.

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